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Used Nitrogen Generators & Surplus Nitrogen Generators

Holtec systems often replaces nitrogen generators produced by other manufacturers, and sometimes our customers ask us for assistance in disposing the used equipment.  We do our best to help our customers, sometimes purchasing the old equipment for refurbishment, and sometimes simply assisting in finding a new home for a nitrogen generator that still works.

This translates into substantial savings for our customers.  The level of refurbishment varies from new or “as is” to completely re-worked, improved, and warranted systems.  Currently, we even have new surplus equipment and in-stock inventory that has never been used.  Please see below for a list of systems that are currently available:


Status:  New, In stock
Delivery:  PSA unit can be delivered 1-2 weeks A.R.O. (A complete turnkey containerized system may be deliverable in 8 weeks or less)


Capacity, 110 psig inlet, 70°F

SCFM 102816950433631

*Original design is for 99.5%-99.999% purity.  Other purities may be available, please contact Holtec Sales for further information.

Description:  The HPN-420HEP system is a brand new, never used system ready for deployment in 1-2 weeks.  It is equipped with Allen Bradley PLC and 4″ Touchscreen Color HMI.  This unit was intended for a project which is currently on hold and included 40′ shipping container,  100-hp compressor, tanks, and filters.  Holtec will consider offers for the PSA only or for a complete turnkey system.  Other Used Nitrogen Generators

Storex N2GEN35

Status:  Completed, Factory Tested
Delivery:  Available immediately


Factory Test Results

N2 FlowO2 Content

Description:  Refurbished VPSA nitrogen generator which has been refurbished, repainted, and tested at Holtec.   Design is suitable for maintaining low oxygen levels in a sealed room for fruit storage or other similar applications. Other Used Nitrogen Generators