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NitroBright™ Laser Nitrogen Booster

Turnkey Solutions for High Pressure Nitrogen

Generating your own nitrogen is a reliable way to reduce facilities costs. However, it is usually more cost-effective to produce your nitrogen at pressures between 75-125 psig and some applications need higher pressure, requiring a nitrogen booster.

For most higher pressure nitrogen applications, there are many factors which must be considered in order to arrive at a successful solution. More equipment than just the booster is often needed, which is typically sold piecemeal for customers to install on site.

Luckily, Holtec’s Nitrobright™ booster skids provide a standard turnkey solution to provide nitrogen at up to 545 psig. With all equipment installed and piped together, on-site work is reduced to connecting inlet\outlet piping and electrical termination.

Major features:

  • Suitable for any application which requires nitrogen pressure up to 545 psig
  • Turnkey solution – Installed on its own rigid skid, simplifies installation
  • Lubricated piston nitrogen booster – Low maintenance and affordable price. Expected life with 24/7 duty cycle is 5 years before major overhaul. (longer expected for lighter duty)
  • CoolFlow™ technology stabilizes booster inlet pressure to reduce mechanical wear.
  • 150 psi booster suction tank and 600 psi nitrogen storage tank included.
  • Four-stage high pressure nitrogen product filtration included.
  • Low pressure N2connection for lasers that require a beam purge (cutting unit ventilation).
  • Dual N2 sample systems monitor both low and high pressure nitrogen for O2 content and pressure
  • Designs for multiple boosters available for larger flow applications (tanks sold separately)

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