Project Portfolio

As varied as the applications are for high purity nitrogen - so also are the environments in which nitrogen generators are installed. From the hot, dusty environment of the Middle East to the extreme cold temperatures of the North Slope of Alaska, engineering and manufacturing nitrogen generators that work reliably is the cornerstone of our reputation. We design systems to meets the needs or your application in your environment; whether that is an off-shore exploration platform, a high volume bottling plant or a remote installation in the high desert.

The following are just a few of the many systems that Holtec has installed. If you don't see an example that embodies your needs, just let us know. Odds are that we've made systems for just your situation.

PSA Oxygen Generator
  • 1.2 Nm3/h, 95% Oxygen content
  • Power Plant, Saudi Arabia
  • Includes dual oxygen safe boosters rated for 500 psig
2 J1254 OX
Dual Membrane Nitrogen Generator
  • 20 SCFM, 95% nitrogen content
  • Dry Gas Seals, South Korea
  • Includes dual oxygen safe boosters rated for 500 psig
3 J1288 2xHMN 30
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 25 SCFM, 99.9% nitrogen content
  • Power Plant, Iowa, USA
  • Skid-mounted receivers, N2 temperature sensor, High spec paint
4 J1300 Marketing 2
Membrane Nitrogen Generator
  • 4 SCFM, 99% nitrogen content
  • Meat Packaging, Wisconsin, USA
  • Enclosed for system protection with fully automated electronic controls
5 J1304 Front 01 Cropped
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 35 SCFM, 99.9% nitrogen content
  • Nut packaging, Texas, USA
  • Installed in parallel with Liquid N2 backup system
6 J1307 HPN 165HEP Installed
Dual PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 105 SCFH, 99.9995% nitrogen content (< 5 ppm O2 content)
  • Military Application, Classified location, USA
  • Fully redundant, extremely high purity, 3-coat paint for corrosive marine environment
7 J1321 Front
Membrane Nitrogen Generator
  • 111 SCFM, 95% nitrogen content
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery, Colorado, USA
  • Turnkey, Containerized for weather protection and mobility
8 J1324 Two Panel
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 117 Nm3/h, 99.999% nitrogen content
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Mexico
9 J1325 Marketing
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 73 Nm3/h, 99.99% nitrogen content
  • Laser Cutting, Mexico
  • Customized for stringent height requirement
10 J1329 Marketing1
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 8250 SCFH, 99.99% nitrogen content
  • Brewery, New York, USA
  • Designed for easy adsorber removal/replacement for shipping and installation convenience
11 J1331 HPN 1600HEP
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 275 SCFM, 99% nitrogen content
  • LNG Plant, Western USA
  • Client specified oxygen analyzer, 304SS Switching valves and tubing for H2S environment
12 J1332 Marketing
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 160 SCFM, 99.5% nitrogen content
  • Coffee Packaging, Wisconsin, USA
13 J1334 HPN 690
PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • 68.4 SCFM, 99.9995% nitrogen content (< 5 ppm O2 content)
  • Heat treatment, Georgia, USA
  • Extremely high purity on large volume gas generator
14 J1335 Marketing 1