Used Nitrogen Generators & Surplus Nitrogen Generators

Holtec systems often replaces nitrogen generators produced by other manufacturers, and sometimes our customers ask us for assistance in disposing the used equipment.  We do our best to help our customers, sometimes purchasing the old equipment for refurbishment, and sometimes simply assisting in finding a new home for a nitrogen generator that still works.  

This translates into substantial savings for our customers.  The level of refurbishment varies from new or “as is” to completely re-worked, improved, and warranted systems.  Currently, we even have new surplus equipment and in-stock inventory that has never been used.  Please see below for a list of systems that are currently available:

New Containerized Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Capacity at 145 psig and 105°F: 447 SCFH, 99% N2 Purity


  • Includes air compressor w/ refrigerated dryer, air and nitrogen receivers
  • Dual everything for double flow or 100% backup
  • Ideal for warmer climates
  • 400V – 3ph – 50Hz
  • Includes room O2 monitor for personnel safety
  • Intake fans and automated louvres for temperature control
Containerized Membrane Nitrogen Generator Containerized Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Nitrobreeze™ Series Stock

Nitrobreeze Series Stock

Holtec has committed to stocking several of its compact Nitrobreeze™ (HNBS) series of nitrogen generators in order to offer fast delivery for customers. Please contact us for very competitive pricing!

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Design N2 Flow: 44 SCFH at 99.995% nitrogen purity (less than 50 ppm O2)

Design Air requirement: 3.3 SCFM (±5%) at 100 psig inlet pressure

Design Ambient Temperature Basis: 70°F

Status: New/unused

Description: This small custom nitrogen generator was designed and built as part of a larger project where the customer determined it was not needed. Available for immediate delivery at discounted price.


Storex N2GEN35

Status:  Completed, Factory Tested
Delivery:  Available immediately


Factory Test Results:  


  N2 Flow O2 Content
 Nm3/h 38.6 3.5%
SCFM  24 3.5%

Description:  Refurbished VPSA nitrogen generator which has been refurbished, repainted, and tested at Holtec.   Design is suitable for maintaining low oxygen levels in a sealed room for fruit storage or other similar applications. Other Used Nitrogen Generators