Holtec Staff

Thorstein Holt, Owner, President, and CEO – Thorstein earned his Master’s degree in 1984 from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim, Norway with the thesis “Separation of Gases In Membrane Systems”.  He fulfilled his mandatory military service as diver with the Norwegian Navy in cooperation with Norwegian Underwater Technology Center (NUTEC) before moving on to a career as a process engineer.   As Senior Process Engineer for Permea – Maritime Protection, he designed nitrogen generators, absorbers, distillation systems, and membrane systems for hydrogen recovery.   In 1989, he was relocated to the US by Permea, where his main responsibilities were designing hydrogen recovery systems.  In 1996, Thorstein was hired by the former president of Permea to work in a new venture in cooperation with Carbotech (formerly Bergbau Forschung).  Thorstein acted as Technical Manager for Carbotech and was responsible for sale and design of both Pressure-Swing Adsorption and Membrane type nitrogen generators.   In 1999, Holtec was formed and the rest, as they say, is history!

Kenneth Jones,  Co-Owner and COO – Ken earned his degree in Chemical Engineering from Swansea University in the UK in 1966.  Before joining Holtec, he amassed 41 years of experience in the field of Chemical and Industrial Gases, including 26 years specifically developing business and technology roles for the then fledgling technology of separation with hollow fiber membranes.   During his career, he has worked in cooperation with a variety of industries, including chemical manufacturing, oil & gas industries, fire protection systems, and various off-shore facilities.   Since joining Holtec, he has been able to utilize this experience to help streamline, improve, and grow the business of supplying both standard and custom designed nitrogen generating equipment serving a wide band of industrial users.

Dale, Senior Project Manager – Dale received his Bachelor of Science from Louisiana Tech in 1977, and began his career in the field of process control.   In 1987 he began specializing in nitrogen generators, and has been designing, building, and servicing PSA and Membrane systems ever since.  In 2007, Dale joined Holtec and became our nitrogen generator guru.  He is our resident expert in control systems, valves, instrumentation, and PLC programming.


Richard, Manager of Sales and Information Systems – Rich received a BA in English  Composition from Truman State University in Missouri in 1995, then immediately changed course and pursued a career in Information Technology.   After 13 years of network and server administration, he found at Holtec a place to utilize both his technical and his writing skill.   Rich wears many hats for Holtec, filling in wherever needed in the sales, marketing, design, and manufacture of nitrogen generators.  


Jim, Manufacturing Manager – Jim earned a degree in Electrical Mechanics from Vatterott College in 2006 and began working for a compressor manufacturer.  There he was responsible for the manufacturing, wiring, and testing of compressors.  Since 2009, he has overseen in-house manufacturing for Holtec as Manufacturing Manager.

Rick, Engineering Manager – Rick completed his BS in Electrical Engineering at University of Missouri-Rolla in 1969 and is a registered Professional Engineer.  He has worked as an Electrical Engineer and Project Manager in a variety of industries.  He served on the board of Directors of the Academy of Electrical Engineers at UMR, was a member of the NFPA, and was active in numerous engineering and electrical societies.   Rick originally worked for Holtec as a consulting engineer on various projects with high spec, off-shore, and hazardous area requirements.  In 2011 he joined Holtec full-time as Engineering Manager, with direct responsibility for reviewing various national, international, and client specifications; design of control systems and schematics; and supervising the manufacture and documentation of nitrogen generators.

Gary, Project Manager – Gary received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1988 and has worked as a Mechanical Engineer in a variety of industries.  He spent a number of years in the process heating industry, designing heat transfer systems.   In 1999 he began designing various process gas and fluid systems for a St. Louis technology development firm.   He has been designing nitrogen generation systems since 2002, and joined Holtec in 2011, where he utilizes his extensive background in vessels, piping, and gas/fluid systems as a Project Manager.

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