Holtec History

Holtec Engineering OfficesHoltec Gas Systems - specializes in the design and fabrication of generators for production of gaseous nitrogen.  Holtec was founded on December 21, 1999, the shortest and darkest day of the year.  The days could only get longer and brighter from there. With 15 years of experience in the field of gas separation, Thorstein Holt saw the opportunity to start his own company, and history shows the time was indeed right. 

Business Values

The first priority was to create a company that would always provide the most efficient nitrogen generators on the market. Minimizing operating costs and providing a very attractive alternative to purchasing nitrogen. Priority number two was maintaining the highest quality standard while constantly striving to reduce product costs. The result is reliable products which consistently win customer praise for both performance and durability.

Difference in the Details

What sets Holtec apart from other nitrogen generator manufacturers? From day one we have worked closely with our customers to provide an engineered solution to their needs. We are not just an assembly line. Because of this long experience with custom-designed nitrogen systems, we are able to offer tailored solutions without extreme cost-increases. If you need something special, just ask! You may be surprised at what we can offer.

In 2007, Ken Jones joined Holtec as Partner and COO, bringing with him 40+ years of experience in chemical engineering and gas separation. Ken’s experience and attention to fine details has added quality, efficiency, and numerous innovative solutions.

The market has spoken. Our customers have shown their satisfaction with our dedication to the tripod of quality, efficiency, and cost. Holtec continues to add team members and is experiencing steady growth as customers continue to realize the value of our approach to nitrogen generation.

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